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“For years, I was in my own little world. I was always obsessing about running out… it got worse and worse… I couldn’t pay attention to my kids, my wife, my job… I knew that it was killing me and ruining my life… I couldn’t stop and I felt hopeless.”

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Prolonged, chronic use of addictive drugs causes profound changes in brain chemistry that impact pain control, mood, digestion, sleep, breathing, blood pressure, and memory. Addiction impairs decision making, emotional regulation, and the ability to deal with stress.

Effects of opioid abuse

Quitting drugs leads to harsh withdrawal symptoms like diarrhea, anxiety, and muscle cramps. The good news is: opioid and other addictions are treatable. Count on the doctors and counselors at NextStep Behavioral Healthcare LLC to help you succeed.

Withdrawal, treatment solutions

If this quote strikes a chord, you know the common symptoms of addiction. This chronic brain disease has biological, psychological, and sociological aspects in its initiation and progression.

Words that are all too familiar

Successful Recovery from the Disease of Addiction